Introduction of various inspection equipments is the key to the better performance of the products
Material Tester To determine if product and test pieces meet specifications by conducting a tensile strength test. Clamping Force Tester To confirm tightening characteristics under assembled components in various conditions. Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Tester To measure thickness of surface coating in prompt,precise and nondestructive way.
Round tester To measure roundness of shank, squareness between shank and bearing surface, concentricity between shank and thread. Automatic Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester To measure hardness distribution near the surface and inner part of bolts. Mentallurgical Microscope To observe metallic microstructure, grain size and non-metallic inclusion, and to evaluate bolt decarburization and/or carburization.
System Microscope To observe and record surface condition and metallic fiber flow. Configuration Tester To check the shape of threaded portion and bearing surface. Roughness Tester To determine if roughness of shank and bearing surface satisfy specifications.
All-purpose Projector To observe the shape and surface condition. Salt Water Spray Tester To confirm corrosion resistance of surface coating. Automatic Vickers Hardness Tester To measure hardness near the surface and inner part of bolts.
Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester To measure hardness near the surface and inner part of bolts. Stereo Microscope To observe surface condition of bolts.  
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